BitMEX CEO: Bitcoin rally is real when the price passes $15,000


Delo is scheduled to be sentenced next bitmex review and Reed in July. Another BitMEX employee charged in the scheme, former head of business development Gregory Dwyer, has pleaded not guilty and is set for trial in October. The information you requested is not available at this time, please check back again soon. Bitmex-swagger has more than a single and default latest tag published for the npm package. This means, there may be other tags available for this package, such as next to indicate future releases, or stable to indicate stable releases.

People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active. Terrible service, few days ago while the market was moving hard, Bitmex was down for some time, and all my orders were executed without being able to access the exchange. This is absolutely unacceptable and i wouldn’t suggest anyone to use this exchange any more. The price of Bitcoin briefly broke through the important $10,000 mark yesterday in what some analysts saw as the start of a new rally. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes warned his supporters, however, that the actual rally has not yet begun.


This being the case, if you have no prior experience or are new to the markets, platforms like Bitmex should be avoided. Could not access funds for a long time because support very slow to respond. During busy times the system overloads and you cannot trade at key times which makes it very difficult to make any profits. Have to be very smart where to set stop losses because Bitmex is good at triggering them to get Clients fee money. The problem with leveraged trading and derivatives contracts on Bitmex is simple. If a speculative bet on a leveraged trading position looks unlikely to prove accurate, traders will need to deposit more Bitcoin they own to keep their position open.

BitMEX Co-Founder Arthur Hayes Sentenced to Two Years’ Probation

Shortly after Hayes made this statement via Twitter, his claim was confirmed. As CNF reported, a flash crash caused the BTC price to drop by nearly $1,000 USD within two minutes. Bitcoin thus returned to the range in which the price had been stuck for weeks. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has stated that the “real” start of a Bitcoin rally will occur when the price exceeds $15,000. From its terms of service, BitMEX does not service U.S. traders.

  • On the Active Orders and Stops tabs, you can cancel any order that you want, by clicking the “cancel” button.
  • A total of 2 vulnerabilities or license issues were detected.
  • On trading platforms like Poloniex and Binance, traders and investors buy and sell digital assets in the hope of making a profit.

You could also just use a standard limit buy or sell order to close the position. Market order means the order gets filled right away at market price. Since the market price can change in fractions of a second you might not get the exact price you were expecting. Market order makes sense if you want to make sure you get into a position right away, no matter what.

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Further analysis of the maintenance status of bitmex-swagger based on released npm versions cadence, the repository activity, and other data points determined that its maintenance is Inactive. The npm package bitmex-swagger receives a total of 14 downloads a week. As such, we scored bitmex-swagger popularity level to be Limited. All security vulnerabilities belong to production dependencies of direct and indirect packages. FAANG stocks are looking like attractive bets right now, the Tiger Global founder said, as the sector embraces emerging tech like AI.

  • You can also see all your currently open positions, with an analysis if it is in the black or red.
  • BitMEX aims to become the world’s largest regulated derivatives exchange.
  • FAANG stocks are looking like attractive bets right now, the Tiger Global founder said, as the sector embraces emerging tech like AI.
  • BitMEX’s exchange is also confusing, but that’s because it is aimed at experienced traders who understand perpetual and futures contracts trading.
  • Hayes founded BitMEX in 2014 with Delo, a computer scientist who built high-frequency trading systems for JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Reed, a programmer specializing in fast web applications.

As for the contracts, the BitMEX trading platform allows the trader to buy and sell a variety of contracts. Prosecutors had asked Koeltl to send Hayes to prison for significantly more than a year, to help deter similar violations by cryptocurrency platforms. Hayes sought no jail time and the right to live abroad and travel freely, saying the case itself was a landmark that would help the US prosecute financial crimes at exchanges around the world. Probation officials recommended a sentence of two years of supervised release.

[VisionExchange] What else can I do with the Vision Exchange app?

It’s the reader’s very own decision what to do with her or his capital. This website does not replace a personal financial advisor, which should always be consulted for investment or trading matters. The platform has a “References” section which covers any questions from a platform overview up to detailed explanation and examples of each order type or trading fees. On this reddit page you find some criticism and opinions about Bitmex, so be aware of brokers having up and downsides and always some unsatisfied customers as well. This example shows how useful it can be to use a newly created non-personal e-mail address like or similar just for Bitcoin trading sites. If such an email leak should ever happen again, nobody will be able to connect the email to your name.

Bitmex to Layoff Employees a Week After CEO Takes Exit – Blockchain.News

Bitmex to Layoff Employees a Week After CEO Takes Exit.

Posted: Wed, 02 Nov 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The rates are poor and the charges are difficult, can’t do a transact without charges reducing rates immensely. Can’t tell what the issue is and crypto were not helpful for the most part, recovery is done but with legit sites that are quick and reliable. This was my approach and capitaltungate made mine possible with an earlier charge back request that almost failed but pulled it through effectively which is a solution many are unaware of.

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While the market continues to offer unbelievable discounts on some of the best stocks, here are three to buy now and hold for years. The post 3 Stocks to Buy Today and Hold for the Next 5 Years appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada. In the report the exchange details three scenarios it sees playing out this year for the crypto industry.

BitMEX is a crypto derivatives exchange that offers futures trading, and perpetual contracts. BitMEX aims to become the world’s largest regulated derivatives exchange. So BitMEX is not a coin exchange in that sense – it’s a highly professional derivatives broker platform specialized in Bitcoin margin trades. Kucoin is a sort of Canadian-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that offers peer-to-peer crypto trades, lending, and futures trading.

Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to cryptocurrencies. Crypto News Flash is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned. Arthur Hayes noted that Bitcoin’s performance in recent weeks has been significantly better than earning 0% interest from the banks. He was probably referring to the current financial situation, which is characterized by the inflationary policies of institutions like the Federal Reserve. He also said that Bitcoin will reach a price of $20,000 by the end of the year as demand will increase due to the Fed’s policy. At the time of publication, Bitcoin was trading at $9,582 with a 4.99% loss in the last 24 hours.

Kucoin vs BitMEX: Customer support

Reynaldo Marquez has closely followed the growth of Bitcoin and blockchain technology since 2016. He has since worked as a columnist on crypto coins covering advances, falls and rises in the market, bifurcations and developments. He believes that crypto coins and blockchain technology will have a great positive impact on people’s lives.

When pressing the buy/long button, you open a position by buying at a certain price with the intention to sell higher, at a target you should have defined in advance within your trade setup. One of the best characteristics of BitMEX is the easy and “anonymous” sing-up. Other than traditional financial brokers they don’t ask for any personal information, just an email, password, name and country of residence. An ID verification not only isn’t required – there is even no option for that in the user accounts. BitMEX is one of the most controversial trading platforms out there, with many advocates as well as critics.

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Trading on BitMEX is a bit different to trading on other brokers. On other “real crypto brokers” you directly trade the coins in your account – meaning you directly buy or sell Bitcoin when you execute orders. Traders can cashout their gains without any restrictions which is a feature not every broker provides.

However, if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, it is also one you should be very careful about using. In our Bitmex review, we’ll look at why this is the case. Also BitMEX has a liquidation price calculator on the top left-hand corner of the user interface, where you can calculate this price in advance and set your stop loss order accordingly. So adding leverage at the moment you open the position just adds the liquidation price which would otherwise be much further away from your entry, and it will increase your profits. The other product you can choose on BitMEX are Futures contracts. BitMEX is one of the few “real” Bitcoin brokers where you can trade BTC Futures.


It’s mostly known as the world’s biggest “casino” as trading with high leverage can result in significant gains or loses within seconds. Another useful guide we’ve written is one particularly about margin trading strategies to use in BitMEX. On BitMEX trading platform you can set your leverage level by using the leverage slider. All your orders can be easily viewed in the trading platform interface. There are tabs where you can select your Active Orders, see the Stops placed, check the Orders Filled and the history log. On the Active Orders and Stops tabs, you can cancel any order that you want, by clicking the “cancel” button.

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